User Research helps designers understand and better empathize with the human needs and wants that our work is (hopefully!) creating great value for during the DISCOVER and DEFINE stages of determining the design problem.


User Research methodologies I regularly lead and/or run solo include 1:1 interviews, group interviews, diary studies and card sorts.

As of late, I’ve been experimenting with hacking unmoderated test platforms and tools to conduct “unmoderated interview” studies, allowing me to get well screened and deeply intimate insights into designers hands frequently, rapidly and at minimal cost.


My intention when conducting User Research is to observe actual human behavior, getting at the motivations of why people do what they do, as well as the quirks and nuances of their actions.


Guess what….. ??!? We as designers and strategists are very different from the users of our products!! The User Research insights I provide help align features and functions to users’ needs and wants - not our own biases and assumptions.


  • 1:1 interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Diary studies
  • Card sorts