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What Is Trends Investigation?

When someone asks me what I do for a living and I’m feeling kinda ballsy, I open my eyes up real wide and say in a spooky tone, “I investigate the future… !!!”

As much as this actually explains what I do, I know my rascally reply raises more questions than answers them.  Sorry!  I shouldn’t be so cryptic!

In my realm of work, trends investigation is the study of new and interesting change for the purpose of advancing innovation.

Trends can be used to better understand evolving situations, forecast future conditions, get to the bottom of something new that’s happening in the here-and-now, but what I really care about when doing my work is how fringe activities today can reveal the future opportunities of tomorrow.  

All a trend is is a change and its direction.

Since change occurs across all industries, trend investigations can be made in all sectors (not just fashion!).  Close investigation of change reveals lasting shifts in technology, consumer behavior, new business models, ecology and more that profoundly affect consumption and life as we know it.

By considering trends before making your next business or design move, you gain fresh ideas for your success across the next two-to-three years, five years, ten years and beyond.

Who knows.  You may even create the next big thing.


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