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Trends Are Tools To DO Something With (Not Just Insights To Think About)

As exciting as trends reports are to flip through the pages of, please take to heart that trends are not just something to THINK about, trends are fuel and fodder to DO something with.

In my classes at IED (Barcelona), for example, I lead student workshops that integrate business and design trends into business model design, product design, career strategy and more.

This past spring, trends specialist, Christina Bifano, and I co-taught a series of trends investigation workshops for the 2013 IED Masters in Design Management program. A collaboration with a local innovation foundation, Creafutur, our task was to connect the dots between global transportation trends and the particular needs and desires in Barcelona to uncover new business opportunities in the region.

The following photographs show how active our workshops and presentations are:

We are NOT just creating reports in these sessions, destined to get filed away on a shelf or collect dust on a coffee table in a client lobby.  We’re using dynamic presentation methods that connect with our client on an active, creative level with guided exercises that integrate future forward opportunities into our clients’ business and design strategies.

Breaking outside of the academic model, I’m currently developing workshops to do the same thing with creative entrepreneurs.

Trends are tools to DO something with, not just insights think about.  Let’s go make the future.

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