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Hello world!

I search the world for emerging innovation, offering trends-based insight that develops fresh ideas for our wildly changing times.

I've honed my trends chops investigating horizon opportunities for some of the world's leading brands - Samsung, American Express, Target, Jamesons and more - but starting today, I am repositioning myself to serve YOU - the creative entrepreneur - to develop breakthrough business ideas that take advantage of all that the future has to offer us.

There's something magical for me in the realm of entrepreneurs and founders, small business and startups, co-working hubs and MeetUps that just plain calls my name more loudly than any other kind of co-collaborator or client out there.  You're sharp, you're passionate, you're quick and nimble in the face of change, you're an endless stream of out-there ideas (which you are bold enough to tinker with), you're free from the bounds of bulky bureaucracies, you've overcome serious challenges in the past and you're ready to rise up again.  Given the amount and scale of change that business and society is facing today, I believe that you are best positioned to make the most of its opportunities and I want to help you do that.

To do this, I will be developing three things:

1. Trends Investigation Training - how to scout for emerging change to inspire your next breakthrough idea and/or strategy

2. Entrepreneurial Training for the Future of Work - skills and tools for the worker who, leaving the security of "jobs" behind, wishes more than anything to succeed on an entrepreneurial career path

3.  Trends Insight packaged - not for big brands with the world's deepest pockets - but for entrepreneurial-sized budgets that keep you informed and inspired of today and tomorrow's emerging opportunities

Stay tuned to this blog (and consider signing on to my mailing list) to join keep abreast of these developments.

Thank you so much for you attention  and CHEERS to making great things happen!

All the best,



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